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RGF offers return haulage loads from LiverpoolLiverpool Haulage

RGF offers return haulage loads from Liverpool at very competitive rates and is an ideal solution for companies looking for delivery to the West Midlands

Liverpool is a major distribution centre with a busy port and logistics terminals. The need for distribution of goods from the area across the UK is critical and RGF Logistics Ltd helps Liverpool businesses by offering a dedicated backload service.

Backload Services

We send vehicles to Liverpool and the Lancashire area on a daily basis to service our existing client base. Inevitably, we will have instances where our vehicles return empty and we wish to avoid this where possible - which is why we offer an excellent backload haulage service to customers in Liverpool and the wider area.

Backload rates are more competitive than dedicated outbound rates since our vehicles are already in the area, so that cost doesn't need to be factored in. So if you are a Liverpool based business looking to get your goods delivered into the Midlands, we are an excellent and viable option for your haulage needs.

Our sales team is on hand to book your backload delivery which will be planned using our modern booking and transport management systems. And as an ISO accredited business you can rest assured that our services are of the highest possible quality.

Find Out More...

Call RGF Logistics Ltd today on 0121 783 1100 and talk to us today about backload haulage services from Liverpool and the Lancashire area. Alternatively please click here to email us and a member of our sales team will be in contact with you shortly.