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Our logistics services are geared to provide our customers with a single logistics solutionLogistics Services

Our logistics services are geared to provide our customers with a single logistics solution by combining our warehousing assets with our modern transport fleet

Although RGF Logistics Limited started life as a traditional haulage company some 40 years ago, during that period we have evolved into a major logistics provider.

Logistics services in the UK, have grown considerably over the years and our business has evolved steadily to meet these needs for our customers. Apart from a large, modern and well maintained vehicle fleet, we now operate three distribution warehouses to provide scalable 3PL solutions for clients across the UK and from abroad. We integrate all aspects of our business to offer you a complete solution encompassing warehousing, distribution and systems to control the entire process.

Owned Assets

One important fact to note is that RGF Logistics Limited owns all its company assets outright. This includes our fleet and warehousing facilities which have all been purchased outright. We are not dictated to by lease hire agreements or rental contracts. Not only does this make our business commercially strong but it also allows us to offer highly competitive rates to our clients as our overheads are kept proportionately low.

We put together tailored logistics packages for our customers on an individual basis. On major contracts we also tend to over resource the project in the short term to ensure that any issues presented are ironed out before being scaled back for optimal performance. Whilst this is a cost to our business in the short term we see it as a necessary cost - it demonstrates to our customers our commitment to their logistics needs in terms of quality and performance.

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